Tower Hill barns wedding photography

WOW what can we say about this wedding ...this wedding was EVERYTHING!!

Everyone knows Boho weddings are our thing, and every detail about this wedding was just everything we love!! we got to work with some amazing suppliers on this wedding who all worked so hard to make the day so perfect! This was most defiantly a Pinterest wedding!
It really was so hard to choose which images to edit for previews, we cannot wait to edit thew full collection.

Alex + Jake are a dream couple , so much fun , laid back and totally in love. They were friends since school and reconnected later in life and this love story is a perfect example of when two people are meant to be the universe makes it happen when the timing is right! Everyone was so lovely at this wedding and we met some truly lovely people!

Alex chose one of our ultimate favourites wedding dress designers - Rue De Seine we were so excited to photograph Alex in this beautiful bohemian style dress.

Flowers were from the incredibly talented SASSFLOWER who we are huge fans of, their florals are incredible and so creative. The colour theme were deep reds and PAMPAS ...which we love !!! they really were a dream to work with !

The gorgeous venue was Tower Hill Barns which we had been dying to shoot a wedding at, its just a gorgeous venue, especially perfect for outdoor weddings, Alex + Jake got married under a beautiful little bridge there then everyone mingled outside which was lovely in the evening too as everyone sat around fires roasting marshmallows :) This really was one of our favourite uk venues we have ever worked at, the staff were so friendly and efficient which really helps your day run smoothly, the location is stunning with epic landscapes surrounding it. This venue just had everything!

Hair and makeup was by the very talented Thomas Jack makeup and Amy Thexton Hairdressing
who were both lovely! 

The beautiful unique cakes were made by Alex's cousin Rachael Kelly who can you believe does not do this as her job but as a hobby , it was one of the best displays we have seen! :)

Music was by the very talented callum Mac who we have met a few times and he's absolutely brilliant at keeping a dancefloor going wild! 


Thank you Alex + Jake for being awesome and we wish you a lifetime of love , fun and happiness :)

Love Lou + Ben Xx

We hope you enjoy these previews and our Film Trailer we filmed :)


west tower wedding


The lovely Laura + Oli tied the knot in one of our favourite local venues West Tower Exclusive Wedding Venue, which if your looking for somewhere that is modern and beautiful, this is the place for you, it is in a gorgeous location with beautiful surrounding fields which gives a gorgeous sunset for couple shots. The ceremony/ reception room has floor to ceiling windows which allows lots of light and stunning views. The staff are always super friendly and efficient which really helps your day run smoothly.

Laura + Oli had some amazing suppliers for this wedding, the hair and makeup team were amazing, we all ad so much fun working with each other.

During the time before the speeches and meals there was a fantastic magician that entertained guests, its always a great idea to have something like this if there is a big gap to fill.

The styling for this wedding was so pretty, we love lots of foliage like eucalyptus and white florals, the florist that created Lauras flowers also provided all the lovely venue dressing.

To start the party off in style Laura + Oli hired a band which were brilliant, theres something about a band that just keeps guests on the dance floor!

Laura and Oli are awesome much fun and proper best friends , and omg what a ridiculously gorgeous couple right ? the speeches were some of the best we have seen and it was a very emotional day ..
We nearly got shot by pheasant hunters whilst shooting the couple shots - Laura and Oli thank you for being such good sports and nearly risking your lives on your wedding day 🙂
Here are just a few previews from their beautiful day and their stunning Film Trailer we filmed  🙂

Laura + Oli - thank you so much for choosing us to be part of your day ...we loved every minute and we wish you a lifetime of love, fun and happiness 

Love Lou + Ben Xx


Zander Magic - Magician


Ben and I are already so thankful for the blessings 2018 are giving us ...I am going to be a Great Auntie ! My beautiful niece and her childhood sweetheart Bradley are having a baby! We could not be more excited for this new chapter in our family lives.

We decided to capture this exciting time with an in home, intimate photo shoot, it was around 7pm when the light is just gorgeous and we put a bit of chilled out music on and started shooting, I may sound biased but art they just such a beautiful couple? 

We love in home intimate couple shoots, everyone is more relaxed in their own home, which makes for gorgeous natural photographs.

If you would like a couple shoot - 'Love Session'  at home or an epic location then get in touch, tell us your ideas and lets set up an adventure!

Congratulations Jorjia and Bradley ! your little one is loved so much already :)





So for a while now, for over a year i have been playing around with filming. Film was my first love, i studied film when i was at college and i somehow fell into this world of photography by accident as life often does.

There is just something so captivating about film, movement, energy. There is something about film that does and always has excited me ( like a kid at christmas excitement). So for this whole year ive studied the film makers in this industry all over the world that inspire me, that move me when i watch what they have created. From them i took inspiration, i already had so many visions of what i wanted my stortelling to look like and feel like and so ive been working behind the scenes for a while to make this vision , this dream a reality. I began filming snippets of the day of my clients weddings which im so excited to share some of these with you, then recently filming my couples Love sessions which i just have had the BEST time doing.

If you would like to know more about having a Love session or adding a Short cinematic film to your wedding package with me, get in touch  here :

I am doing an incredible introductory offer for this at the moment!

Every night im going to bed with my mind and heart racing with new ideas, new visuals and i literally feel so so excited, so inspired and i feel in full bloom, so full of heart and life and all that good stuff! :) Whats more exciting is that im working with my incredibly talented boyfriend Ben, not only is he a music producer, song writer and musician by day but he is now my second shooter/ film maker and editor, and i just cant wait to see where this adventure takes us together! if you would like to follow Ben you can find him on :

And please do give him a subscribe on youtube :)

And so for now im going to leave you with this gorgeous couples love session  Jane + Gareth ... you can watch their cinematic film above and below are some of the images we got from this gorgeous couple who literally have scorching hot chemistry! I had such an amazing time shooting this !

Jane + Gareth

Thank you for choosing me! Thank you for trusting me with my seemingly crazy ( at the time )ideas, thank you for trusting me even though you were so nervous ( especially Gareth ) haha , Thank you for just getting completely lost in eachother and making magic happen infrint of my eyes, Thank you for sharing little parts of who you are, who you are together and letting me into your gorgeous little world for this shoot!........ Love like yours is what i do this for! 

Thank you ! i cannot wait for the wedding this july its going to be incredible!

                                                                                                   Louise Xx


confetti shot at west tower wedding


In all the years I’ve been a wedding photographer, capturing peoples love stories, I’ve at different points had different opinions on what makes the perfect wedding, and those opinions come and go, a beautiful dress, stylish groomsmen suits, pretty bridesmaids, a stunning scenic venue. etc.

But lately I’ve come to finally realise what makes a good wedding and thats The People, The stories, the connections and the Love! The rest is a bonus really , but whats at the heart of a good wedding is a feeling , i can’t really explain but its the connection of two people , the fire and the electricity when they look at each other and when they touch.

Im intrigued and inspired by The stories behind them , how they met, who they were before and who they are together and how they bring out the best in each other.

Love fascinates me and always has, how one person can see something in another person no-one else can, how they decide from all the billions of other humans on the earth that this is the person they want to spend the rest of their life with. 

This is the secret ingredient to a good wedding! 

So when i get to photograph a wedding with this kind of love, this kind of connection AND it has a beautiful venue AND the style and design is stunning i am like a kid at christmas!….. 

This Beautiful bohemian and ethereal styled wedding was one of my favourites to date! 

Not only because it was made even more special because i have been friends with vicki for so many years, but because the style of the wedding was right up my street! It was in one of my favourite venues West Tower.

From the stunning dress which i helped vicki choose, the beautiful eucalyptus adorned tables, the wild undone flowers arranged in vicki's bouquet, one of the most beautiful bouquets I’ve seen. ( see below this blog for all the suppliers for this wedding )

The rustic feel of the room decor and gin bottle table seating plan, right to the gorgeous music played throughout the day by my wonderfully talented boyfriend Ben.

vicki has always been good at little details so i knew from the start her and Marks wedding would be perfect and just a dream to photograph.

For sometime now i have been filming little snippets of some of my clients weddings as well photographing, i had the idea a year ago as my first love was film which i studied when i was younger, and so i thought of combining film and photography, i wanted to create shorter cinematic films that captivate the viewer, i love the energy and movement films have, this enable me to capture the feeling and stories of people and their connections even more and in a really unique way. I totally  have fell in love with doing this and cant wait to share with you more stories like this :)

You can watch Vicki + Marks short film i have made below this blog :) This is a shortened down version of the day :)

Vicki and Mark are soulmates! They first met when mark became Vickis room mate many years ago, vickis mum recalls telling vicki she would marry him as mark made it quite clear he fancied her like mad! They were like best friends and stayed that way for a long time until the time was right , the stars aligned and they got together! they soon after had their gorgeous little boy George! I really believe sometimes we meet the person we are meant to be with much sooner than we are supposed to, and we are not the people we need to be in order to be together, i suppose some people call it fate :)

I first met vicki working at Venture portraits many many years ago, we have shared some brilliant memories of our younger days when we would spend most of our time socialising in Liverpool.

When vicki asked me to photograph her wedding i was truly honoured as i know she has many photographer friends, i also felt the pressure was on photographing another photographers wedding.As photographers we know exactly what we want,I think although our styles appear different, i think the way we both photograph is very similar, vicki knows i love the bohemian style and i totally ‘got’ the look and feel she wanted for her day.

On the day it self it was very emotional, vicki had made cards for everyone thanking each person for their involvement of their day and what everyone meant to her,  and mine was so so lovely!

From each wedding i usually have parts of the day that i always remember, and these were vicki giving her sister a gift on the bed , which had everyone feeling really tearful, vicki reading marks letters to her, vicki and her sister dancing in their dressing gowns, when vicki dad took his first look at her in her dress, the car ride to the church , ill always remember that feeling of so much excitement, vicki holding her dads hand in the car, that moment vicki walked into church with the sound of Bens beautiful voice singing Tenerife sea and seeing marks face light up! The beautiful speeches, the hilarious conversations between mark and vicki during their couple shoot that only us photographers get to hear :)

And a memory from that magical day i will always remember towards the very end of the night everyone made a circle around Vicki and mark as we all sang and danced to Mumford and sons “i will wait “ , everyone looked so happy and just being able to capture that feeling, the end of the day that vicki and mark had been waiting for for so long, just really was so special.


To Vicki and Mark …it was so wonderful to capture your special day and even more wonderful to see you so happy , i hope you stay this happy for the rest of your lives :)


Love Louise xxx

The suppliers for this beautiful wedding were amazing! Right down from the gorgeous stationary from the Paperdolls, the Stunning venue West Tower which has always been one of my favourite venues, the stunningly beautiful flowers by David Beckham Doyle, THE most amazing Dj ever witnessed at a wedding, the gorgeous makeup by Becca Pilkington and stunning hair by Hannah and of course we cannot forget that incredible dress by Eternity Bridal wear, and the beuatiful live my music by my lovely Boyfriend Ben McEwan

They all did an incredible job of making this wedding so perfect :)











DJ- Jeff Woods







Please do watch this short film i made from parts of this magical day, i now offer these short films with stills and film footage from the day edited together to create something really unique :)