Hello lovely people :)

I have been very quiet on social media lately, alot has been going on in my little life. Not only that but it has been the crazy busy wedding season, my busiest one to date which i am so grateful for but at times can feel very overwhelming, and weddings soon take over your life.

But.... i am here! i got through it :) and i have some beautiful stories to show you!

Im going to start with one of the prettiest locations for a shoot ive ever seen and photographed

Danielle + Ollies  Pre Wedding shoot in Malaga Lakes, Spain.

Why do people have  Pre wedding shoots? Good question, glad you asked :)

There are so many different reasons to do one, some people just want to do it for fun, to celebrate their love and capture that point in time and how they feel, some people do it so they feel more relaxed having their photographs taken on the day. Whatever the reason i am definatly encouraging them, because im always up for a relaxed portrait shoot with two people in love. Whats not to like?

Magic happens when souls are in tune , and theirs were and this is what happened :)

My couple i photographed Danielle + Ollie have been together for 10 years, childhood sweethearts! They both are so delightful to photograph. Danielle with her gorgeous smile and sparkly blue eyes and Ollie with his awesome hair and dark features , how could i go wrong ?

The climb down to our stunning location in Malaga Lakes was very challenging to say the least but nether the less hilarious. I had SOOOO much fun on this shoot! :) 

Once we had braved the climb down, i could see crystal blue lakes and white sandy hills, the colours, the light was literally a dream come true for me.

Thank you Danielle + Ollie for letting me capture this beautiful day for you , i had the best day :)

Louise x

If you are looking for a destination photographer to photograph your wedding or pre wedding shoot in Malaga, Spain. Or anywhere else in the world, please do get in touch :)