Hello Everyone!

This is my first post on my blog on my brand shiny new website! I have soooo many blogs from last years lovely weddings to post for you all but i have been focusing mainly on editing and designing my website , which has been quite a ride i have to say but now that i can see all my visions come to life it has been completely worth it! More on my new designs soon but first of all let me tell you about this wonderfully exciting wedding reception i had the pleasure of photographing ….


So i first heard from Jodie through twitter ( which by the way I’m totally rubbish at using ) , she and james had been married in the beautiful Bahamas and was searching for a photographer to capture their very intimate and relaxed wedding reception in the UK for their family and friends. Jodie tweeted that she was looking for an amazing photographer who took really natural shots.

My lovely Niece Jorjia tweeted Jodie my details and urged her to look at my work. Luckily for me Jodie loved my style and got in touch!

I was super excited , as after speaking with Jodie over the phone she sounded lovely, I’m not sure what i expected as I’ve always had the belief in lifeto take people as i find them not what people tell me. But if I’m honest i think i expected Jodie to be loud and probably a lot wilder. 

In honesty Jodie was nothing like that, she was sweet, very easy going ( probably the most easy going bride i have met ) down to earth and a very warm and all round lovely human being!

The venue was the stunning Boreham house in Chelmsford, Essex, which is a beautiful venue, the staff were so so helpful and friendly, infact it was my first time in essex , and let me tell you they made a great impression! I found everyone to be so lovely.

The evening began with guests arriving to be met with Champagne and canapés, everyone mingled and chatted and i could feel immediately  the evening was going to be relaxed.

Jodie and James made their entrance and wow they are a striking couple! James is just as easy going as Jodie and within seconds of meeting them you have a feeling these two are meant to be together.

Have you ever met two people who are so in love you almost feel an electric charge around them? Thats how i can describe the chemistry! Its a photographers dream to be around because when two people have this chemistry which in my experience is quite rare, they are naturally tactile with each other, they cant keep their hands from touching each other, holding each other close, looking deeply into each others eyes, etc etc , it really is beautiful to be around two people in love like this! 

We was then taken to a large marquee outside in the large gardens, where the speeches began …lets just say there were a lot of tears!!! it was an emotional one let me tell you that!! 

Jodies Dad who is so lovely by the way told everyone the story about how his daughter met James, Jodie had given up on men and finding mr right, then one day in a carpark , james walked past and they locked eyes and instantly they both felt something they could not dismiss, 

James walked straight up to jodie , asking "so when am i taking you out”

Jodie replied “tonight?”

The rest is history as the saying goes,…they spent every day together since! 

James’s speech was also just as emotional, emotional but very funny! James has such a lovely way about him , i think the words ‘gentle giant’ come to mind! And the way he looks at Jodie is just something else!

After the speeches everybody ate and drank wine and there was a lovely atmosphere, everyone there was just close friends and family, and everything just felt very authentic and very intimate and loving , in my eyes exactly the way is should be.

Jodie doesnt usually drink ( again something i did not expect) she had a couple of red wines that night and soon was dancing ( and let me add throwing some good moves) on the dance floor! 

I stayed right up until the end and it really was such a pleasure to be a part of.

I have to say , jodie’s and James’s parents, family and friends are a credit to them because everyone was so lovely and kind! 

At some point this year ( when the weather finally gets warmer) I’m going to photograph jodie and James when we have more time  in some amazing location and we are going to do some really creative shots, i already have some ideas in mind and its going to be awesome! so watch this space! :)

Jodie put all of these pictures on her instagram and social media and has said some lovely words about myself and my work! 

And to Jodie & James….thank you for letting me into your lives for the day and trusting me to capture your special evening, i had so much fun and it was a pleasure to meet you , you both are such beautiful people inside and out and I’m so glad you found your soulmate! 

I will see you very soon !!! :)

Below I've added a few shots from this special evening , I hope you enjoy them.

Thank you for reading everyone , new blogs will be posted this week :)

Much Love

Louise x