So for a while now, for over a year i have been playing around with filming. Film was my first love, i studied film when i was at college and i somehow fell into this world of photography by accident as life often does.

There is just something so captivating about film, movement, energy. There is something about film that does and always has excited me ( like a kid at christmas excitement). So for this whole year ive studied the film makers in this industry all over the world that inspire me, that move me when i watch what they have created. From them i took inspiration, i already had so many visions of what i wanted my stortelling to look like and feel like and so ive been working behind the scenes for a while to make this vision , this dream a reality. I began filming snippets of the day of my clients weddings which im so excited to share some of these with you, then recently filming my couples Love sessions which i just have had the BEST time doing.

If you would like to know more about having a Love session or adding a Short cinematic film to your wedding package with me, get in touch  here : http://www.louisehendryphotography.com/contact/

I am doing an incredible introductory offer for this at the moment!

Every night im going to bed with my mind and heart racing with new ideas, new visuals and i literally feel so so excited, so inspired and i feel in full bloom, so full of heart and life and all that good stuff! :) Whats more exciting is that im working with my incredibly talented boyfriend Ben, not only is he a music producer, song writer and musician by day but he is now my second shooter/ film maker and editor, and i just cant wait to see where this adventure takes us together! if you would like to follow Ben you can find him on :


And please do give him a subscribe on youtube :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJnGnbdMmo6unvbcg9K1GCw

And so for now im going to leave you with this gorgeous couples love session  Jane + Gareth ... you can watch their cinematic film above and below are some of the images we got from this gorgeous couple who literally have scorching hot chemistry! I had such an amazing time shooting this !

Jane + Gareth

Thank you for choosing me! Thank you for trusting me with my seemingly crazy ( at the time )ideas, thank you for trusting me even though you were so nervous ( especially Gareth ) haha , Thank you for just getting completely lost in eachother and making magic happen infrint of my eyes, Thank you for sharing little parts of who you are, who you are together and letting me into your gorgeous little world for this shoot!........ Love like yours is what i do this for! 

Thank you ! i cannot wait for the wedding this july its going to be incredible!

                                                                                                   Louise Xx